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California DAR volunteering

Samuel Ramsey sewing machines are always busy making items to raise money for our boutique and veteran projects. Five Vietnam War Veterans were honored with American flag motif quilts of valor. Wounded Warriors were given 530 wheelchair bags and lap robes. Veteran families were given 30 colorful baby bibs, and 50 blankets and 40 quilts, 8 books and 30 hours of tutoring were donated to promote literacy for children. 3200 American Flags were given to kindergarden students that learned the Pledge of Allegiance.



2500 flags were presented to schools along with 100 flag pins. Monetary contributions were given for American Indian Scholarships and summer camps. Warm blankets, winter clothing, shoes, books and abundant food was supplied to the American Indians. Our Ann Winchell gave nine programs to chapters on the California Indians. Ann also was recognized by the Garden Grove Chamber of Commerce with a Silver Spoon Award.