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The Samuel Ramsey Chapter was organized April 17, 1967, as the eighth chapter in Orange County, California. In selecting its name, the chapter was honoring the founding regent and her sister, Harriet Erickson, the third regent, who are descendants of Samuel Ramsey. A native of County Antrim, Ireland, he came to America in 1774, and settled in Augusta County, Virginia, where he soon became involved in the brewing rebellion of the Colonies against the mother country. When war was imminent, he joined the Augusta County Militia and served under Captain David Gray's Company of the Virginia Continental Line. Following the close of the War, he settled in Ohio County, Virginia, in the area that later became Brook County, West Virginia. Here he spent the rest of his life. He was the father of eleven children, nine of whom survived him at his death on December 14, 1813. He is buried in the Cross Creek Presbyterian Church graveyard in neighboring Washington County, Pennsylvania. His grave has been marked by the NSDAR.


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